The Post​-​Teenage Adolescent

from by Max Madman & The Heck Yeahs



Lonely and hung-over again, de-hydrated in my single bed. Type and re-type without pressing send, love sonnets to you and all your friends. I’ve lied before, but I can’t remember what I lied about. I’ve made people cry without knowing why. I’m a lazy lovelorn balladeer. I can’t function knowing you’re not here. I hate how I get so caught up in every little thing you do, I wish we could get lost and I could love every inch of you. I’m lonely by choice, but I fall in love every day. I’m 20 years old, but I haven’t changed the world at all. I’m drowning in a bilge of irony, I’m a post-teenage adolescent.


from Eggcorns and Mondegreens, released January 20, 2017



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Max Madman & The Heck Yeahs Adelaide, Australia

Young Adult Fiction

Power Pop

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