The morning light brings sweet remorse, crusty eyes. Kiss me now and please don’t cry. Little white lies. We should smoke some cigarettes, cause I don’t care. I think I found my gravity. It’s over there, by your broken silhouette. I have never felt my age; I’m a dog-eared page. I know I won’t be ok. For a while, they say. Flicker, flutter; do I stutter? I’m depressed. You look so pretty in that dress but I’m a mess. Where’s your broken silhouette? Sometimes I forget your name, but I’m glad you came. I hate this hospital food, but I don’t hate you. Sometimes when my nose bleeds, I think of us. Thank god I’m not some nameless boy you never knew. A hopeless letter you’ve never seen. A useless, lifeless mondegreen.


from Eggcorns and Mondegreens, released January 20, 2017



all rights reserved


Max Madman & The Heck Yeahs Adelaide, Australia

Young Adult Fiction

Power Pop

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